New products are released in September 2020

Hi Everyone

I am very sorry for the late update of the new products released in September. We are very busy from the late September until today. And I think you have already found our new products from our worldwide distributors.

As usual, here are the list of the new products:

1/350 new products from Five Star Model:

FS350079 WWII USN Fletcher Class Destroyer (with Late Type Bridge) Complete Upgrade Set For Trumpeter 05304

FS350080 WWII USN Fletcher Class Destroyer (with Late Type Bridge & AA Enhanced) Complete Upgrade Set For Trumpeter 05304

--- The Grey Hound

FS351086 WWII IJN Flag(I) Number Flag & Movement Flag Decal Set

FS351087 WWII IJN Flag(II) Letter Flag Decal Set

FS351088 WWII IJN Flag(III) Belongingness Flag & Signal Flag Decal Set

FS351093 IJN Ship Flag Decal Set

FS351094 IJN General Flag & Bow Flag & IJN Seal Flag   Decal Set

1/700 new products from Five Star Model:

FS700118 WWII USN F4U TBF SB2C F6F Upgrade Set

FS700142 WWII USN F4F TBD SBD B25 Upgrade Set

FS700143 Modern USN F-14 Tomcat Upgrade Set

FS700144 Modern USN F/A-18C/D Hornet Upgrade Set

FS700145 Modern USN A-6E Upgrade Set

FS710253 WWII Identificationof Japan Aircraft Nationality Decal Set

FS710274 WWII IJN Handrails (need drill holes to install. for experienced modelers)

FS710277 Mast for Ships of All Countries I (Mainly used on IJN small vessels)

FS710281 WWII IJN Cable Reel for Vessels(I) PE only

FS710285 Pipe Lines for Upper Structure of NavyVessel

1/700 new products from SEEDHOBBY:

SH700011 WWII IJN Type NO.1 Auxiliary Minelayer Resin Model Kit

SH700012 WWII IJN Tsubame Class Minelayer Resin Model Kit

SH700013 WWII IJN Fushimi Class Gun Boat Resin Model Kit

SH700016 WWII IJA Armored Boat (4 vessels) Resin Model Kit

SH700017 WWII IJA High Speed Boat Type A (4 vessels) Resin Model Kit

SH700019 WWII IJA “I” High Speed Transport Boat Resin Model Kit

SH700020 WWII IJN E12 Recon Seaplane (4 set) Resin Model Kit