New products are released in July 2021

Hi Everyone

We are releasing new products this month.

Please check the following list.

Five Star Model:

FS710180FH 1/700 WWII IJN Battleship Nagato 1944 Complete Upgrade set for Aoshima Full Hull Version

FS700160 1/700 Modern Russian Navy Nuclear Cruiser Pyotr Velikiy (Type 1144) 2017 Complete Upgrade Set for Trumpeter 05710

FS700166 1/700 Modern US Navy Knox Class Frigate Upgrade Set for AFV CLUB kit

FS730001 1/700 WWII German Navy Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin Super Upgrade Set for Trumpeter 06709

FS700158 1/700 Modern Russian/Soviet Navy Watertight Door

FS700159 1/700 Modern Russian/Soviet Navy Ladders

FS700164 1/700 Pipeline Fixing Ring

FS700165 1/700 WWII USN Degaussing Cable

FS710273 1/700 WWII IJN Special Type Railings

FS710296 1/700 WWII IJN Signal Equipment for Vessels I

FS710297 1/700 WWII IJN Vessel Upper Structure Square Windows I

FS710298 1/700 WWII IJN Rain Eaves for Vessels

FS710299 1/700 WWII IJN Outboard Circuit   II (on the basis of real reference situation , try to make it easy and beautiful)

FS720044 1/700 WWII Manchukuo (Kwantung Army) Kaiho Patrol Boat Resin Model Kit

FS350092 1/350 Pipeline Fixing Ring

FS351103 1/350 WWII IJN Ring Antenna for Azimuth Measurement

FS351109 1/350 WWII IJN Rising Bitt for Destoryers   (2 types, 4 set of each) 3D PRINT

FS351112 1/350 Identification of Japan Aircraft Nationality Decal Set I for Small Wings (Zero, waterplane, etc)

FS351113 1/350 Identification of Japan Aircraft Nationality Decal Set II for Large Wings (99 bomber, 97 attacker, etc)

FS351114 1/350 WWII IJN Ladder for Vessels

FS351115 1/350 Rivet Strips for Enhancement for Vessels

FS351118 1/350 WWII IJN Rain Eaves for Vessels

FS351120 1/350 WWII IJN Pinnace Cable I (Precise Version)


SH700025 1/700 WWII Manchukuo(Kwantung Army) Shun Tien Class Gunboat Resin Model Kit

SH700026 1/700 WWII IJN Auxiliary Submarine Chaser Kyo Maru (NO.11) Resin Model Kit

SH700028 1/700 WWII Royal Thai Navy Ratanakosin Class (ラッタナーコーシン) Coastal Defence Ship Resin Model Kit

Yi Xudong

9th July 2021